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Set the Stage for Your 2015 Graduation Party

May 04, 2015 03:39AM ● By Family Features
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From elementary school to grad school, every graduation is a milestone typically celebrated with a big party. Sweet treats are a key part of celebrations, and by adding personalized details you can truly make your grad feel like one-of-a-kind.

Dessert Doubles as Decor
Make the cake your centerpiece. A sheet cake is easy to make and serve, holds up well and feeds a lot of guests. Round out the dessert table with other assorted treats like cupcakes, brownies and marshmallow crisp rice cereal squares. The variety adds visual interest and ensures you’ll have something for everyone’s tastes.

Show off the individual treats using platters and tiered stands to give dimension. The Display Your Way™ cake stand has a customizable center compartment that makes it fun and easy to match your party from top to bottom. Fill the center compartment with unique details like photographs or other memorabilia.

Decorate Cupcakes with Easy, Yet Impressive Tricks
Cupcakes are great for guests because they’re perfectly sized for individual portions. If you’re an inexperienced decorator or just pressed for time, try the classic 1M swirl. It’s quick, easy and looks professional.

Swirl up to three colors at one time using the Wilton® Color Swirl™ Tri-Color Coupler. The swirled multi-color icing technique may look intimidating, but with the proper tool it’s a piece of cake. Or, try using round decorating tip 2A to create rings of icing. Find easy decorating instructions for these cupcakes at

Choose the Color Palette Wisely
Now’s your chance to get creative. Make the party all about the grad by choosing their school colors or their favorite colors.

Match your school colors or party decor precisely using the new Wilton® Color Right™ Performance Color System. It takes the guesswork out of custom coloring icing, fondant, cake batter and more with the convenience of easy-to-control squeeze bottles and a rainbow of color formulas.

Your graduate will be touched by the thought behind your party planning prowess, and your guests will be wowed by the spread.

For more sweet treat ideas and inspiration, visit

Graduation Dreams Cake


  • Favorite cake recipe or mix (6 cups batter)
  • White Decorator Preferred Fondant (5 ounces)
  • Color Right Performance Color System (see Colors Tinted below)
  • Ready-to-Use White Decorator Icing
  • Gold Color Mist Food Color Spray


  1. Heat oven to 350°F. Bake cake in 8-by-2-inch square baking pan. Cool completely.
  2. While cake bakes, tint 4 ounces fondant green (formula 353 [1 Y + 1 B]) and tint icing with Color Right base colors QuickCount color formulas:
  3. 2 cups Blue (formula 7692 [50 B + 8 R + 8 P])
  4. 1 cup Green (formula 353 [1 Y + 1 B])
  5. Roll out white fondant 1/16 inch thick; spray with gold food color spray. Let set, about 15 minutes. Use narrow end of tip 7 to cut approximately 140 circles. Set aside confetti and reserve remaining fondant.
  6. Ice cake smooth with blue icing. Pipe tip 4 message and arrow onto cake top; position confetti circles on corners.
  7. For tassel, roll out green fondant 1/16 inch thick. Cut a strip 6-inches long by 4 inches wide; cut slits 1/8 inches wide, leaving 3/4 inch uncut at top of strip. Roll up strip. For knot, cut a strip 1 inch long by 1/8 inch wide. Wrap around top of tassel. For band at top of tassel, roll out reserved white fondant and cut a strip, 1 1/2 inches long by 1/4 inch wide. Use damp brush to attach band to tassel. Place tassel on side of cake. For cord, roll two logs, 4 inches long by 1/16 inch diameter; twist logs together and position on cake top from button to tassel.
  8. Hint: For antique gold colored confetti, tint white fondant ivory with 1 drop B before rolling out and spraying with food color spray.

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