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Get Your Garage Safe for Spring

Mar 02, 2015 02:53AM ● By Family Features
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(Family Features) When you throw open the windows to welcome spring breezes, you’ll likely be spending more time with the garage door open, too. Make access to all your outdoor equipment safer with these tips to ready your garage for spring.

Organizing clutter accumulated during several months of lesser use is just part of the process. Spring is also an ideal time to ensure all your garage equipment and features are secure and functioning properly.  

  • During the messy winter months, your garage floor tends to capture grime and grit from the outdoors, especially where your car sits. Take time to thoroughly sweep and mop, but also take stock of the floor’s condition for any chips or other damage that may grow worse over time and pose a risk for tripping or other safety issues.
  • Check your garage door performance. Are doors rolling smoothly with no hitches? If you notice any abnormalities, it’s a good time to investigate. In some cases, a little grease or a minor adjustment is all you need to get things moving back on track.
  • Don’t forget to check your garage door sensors, too. Warmer weather means animals and children (and their toys) are more likely to find themselves in an automated door’s path when it begins to lower. Ensure sensors are operating properly to prevent injury or property damage.
  • Verify all outlets, lights and other electrical features are in good operating condition and that all wires are intact and free of damage, such as that from rodent chewing.
  • Check that any poisonous material has been safely stored out of reach of pets and children that may have increased access to the garage during warmer months. Also check for spills or leaks of any potentially hazardous or flammable material.

Taking time to safety-proof your garage during the early days of spring will give your family months of stress-free use all spring and summer long.

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